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A Global Community and Digital Ecosystem to Share and Disseminate Surgical Knowledge, Data, and Expertise


We’re Changing the Way the Surgeons Think About Surgery

To promote the democratization of surgical care through the intersection of education, innovation, and technology



Is an independent, non-profit organization that oversees and manages a global data-sharing and analytics platform for surgical data.

Designed to provide the surgical community with access to large and heterogeneous shared datasets and provide an infrastructure to utilize this data to improve surgical care through education and innovation. 

Committed to:

  • Data transparency

  • Surgical excellence

  • Data-enabled performance improvement

  • International collaboration

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Innovation

What We Offer


  • Video and metadata storage

  • Video management and sharing

  • Video annotation

  • Access to shared datasets and participation in collaborative research & development projects

  • Access to Coaching and Video-Based Assessment platform

  • Access to live intraoperative deployment of AI models

  • Access to postoperative analysis of videos using AI models


Institutions and Societies

  • Surgical data storage, annotation and sharing for active members

  • Access to shared datasets and participation in collaborative research & development projects

  • Group access to Coaching platform

  • Implementation of Video-Based Assessment program

  • Access to live intraoperative deployment of AI models for active members

  • Access to postoperative analysis of videos using AI models for active members



  • Access to real-world surgical data on propriety products and technologies to track outcomes on effectiveness and patient safety

  • Access to shared datasets and participation in collaborative research & development projects

  • Performance evaluation of propriety algorithms against reliable and transparent third-party annotated datasets for regulatory approval

  • Access to Coaching and Video-Based Assessment platform for Continuing Medication Education and other industry-sponsored programs

Surgeons, Scientists and Learners




Amin Madani

Amin Madani is an endocrine and acute care surgeon at the University Health Network (Toronto, Canada) and the University of Toronto. He is also the director of the Surgical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Temerty Advanced Surgery & Simulation Centre. Dr. Madani’s research focus is in surgical expertise and the use of technology to optimize performance in the operating room. Over the last decade, he has led the design and development of new innovations to improve intraoperative surgical decision-making, including platforms that incorporate machine learning algorithms, computer vision, augmented/virtual reality and simulation. He serves as the Chair of the SAGES Surgical Data Science task force.

Casual headshot_Hashimoto.jpg

Daniel A. Hashimoto

Daniel Hashimoto is a foregut and endoscopic surgeon and assistant professor of surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the director of the Penn Computer Assisted Surgery and Outcomes (PCASO) Laboratory and has helped developed multiple computer vision algorithms for the analysis of surgical video, led international consensus on defining ground truth for the annotation of surgical video, and worked to define metrics to assess performance of AI algorithms on surgical tasks.

His work has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Annals of Surgery, and other journals. He is chair of the Association of Surgical Education's AI Task Force and co-chair of the SAGES AI Task Force. He is editor of the textbook Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Understanding the Role of AI in Surgical Practice.


Pietro Mascagni

Pietro Mascagni is currently a surgical resident at Gemelli University Hospital (Rome, Italy) and the clinical research advisor for AI and Computer Science Research at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU-Strasbourg). Pietro’s research focuses on using operating room data to augment surgical care. During his PhD in Surgical Data Science, he has worked shoulder to shoulder with computer scientists to develop clinical and AI-based solutions to promote safer surgery, with works published in major surgical and computer vision venues. Pietro is an elected member of the EAES Technology Committee and an invited member of the SAGES AI and Surgical Data Science Task Forces.


Adnan Alseidi

Adnan Alseidi is Professor of Clinical Surgery and Vice Chair for Education in the Department of Surgery at UCSF. Dr. Alseidi has extensive experience with minimally invasive and open hepatobiliary, pancreatic and endocrine surgeries. Additionally, he is interested in expanding surgical therapies for patients with locally advanced pancreas cancer, splenic preservation techniques, and immunology studies.


Yusuke Watanabe

Yusuke Watanabe is an associate professor at Hokkaido University Hospital (Sapporo, Japan), and a deputy director of Clinical Research and Medical Innovation Center, Hokkaido University Hospital  Institute of Health ScienceInnovation for Medical Care (HELIOS). His clinical focus is laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery and his surgical education research focuses on advanced laparoscopic suturing simulation and performance skills assessment, and decision-making during surgery. He is also involved in the national research project on artificial intelligence and computer vision in surgery while collaborating with Japan National Cancer Center East Hospital. He is a member of the international committee and serves as the co-chair of the medical team committee of the Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery (JSES).


Fred Dingemans

Fred is GSAC’s executive director.  He is also the CEO of Opari, a Canadian company providing digital goods and services API to ecommerce and marketing platforms globally.  Fred has extensive experience with product innovation and international business development, which he conducted for 10 years at Tata.  His prior positions with multinational firms revolved around capital budgeting and market risk management, including 7 years in banking with Statestreet Corp. and National Bank of Canada.

Altieri,Maria-c57 (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Maria S. Altieri

Maria S. Altieri MD, MS is an associate professor at East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine (North Carolina, USA).  Her clinical focus is minimally invasive and bariatric surgery and her surgical education research focuses on clinical outcomes, surgical disparities, and innovation. Dr. Altieri has an extensive knowledge of surgical databases and outcomes based on long-term data. 


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